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All these last 7 years since we have the studio open in Castellon, have accumulated photos and videos:

  1. drilling

  2. tattoo

  3. tattoo artists on the road by the studio

  4. travel to many conventions of tattoo

  5. photos of the yearly calendars

  6. and above all, that you see with the piercing or tattoo that you've done
So much material here and there, begins to be a little chaotic. The best, order. As we have several blogs, the best solution I think will be dedicating a unique blog of videos and links. Another blog will be only photos and links, they will be ordered by sections:

  1. tattoos

  2. piercing

  3. tattoo artists

  4. conventions

  5. calendars

  6. your photo or your video
They will be public photos, since once you gave us permission to use them in the network, but we will not allow that anyone can get them off if it is not with your consent. Therefore, only give this permission to the carrier of the piercing or tattoo in question.
That you can do use, always a good weekend, and indicating the place where they have been obtained, they are photos that we have done in the sessions for the calendars.
There will be all. Sorted by years.
For now, I leave you this link of Picasa, where already there are folders that can be.

Of Convention TATTOOS 2008 CASTELLÓN

Those who are coming by our studios, know that every year we have given our calendar, and if someone does not know it, those who appear in the calendar as well as the staff of steel and leather, are own the studio customers who have agreed to make model for this purpose.
This year we want to do another photo shoot for our next calendar 2009 again. We have already selected, but if you want to go out in it, you can get in touch with us.
Those who have participated, you know as well that we've had ever. All spontaneous and no bad rolls. A photo is pose, clear. But most are not.

Photos made by Kikeare, it is the photographer "official" for calendars, although photos that were used to Pocket calendars for 2007, were ones that I did so to bowling, the same day and do not see the beautiful remaing.

The place we have chosen this year, at the moment is secret. Until the calendars they are not we will reveal.

And if you do not live in our city, and want to have it, ask for it. We'll let you get. Other years, the calendars have traveled to France, Italy, Germany, Ireland are countries that I remember.

So in short, already will be everything tidy in his corresponding blog. A little patience, this week is the Big Twin in Grao concentration, and coincides with the 25th anniversary, not only of the concentration, but also of La Pacheca Rock Bar. Indeed, next Saturday 13 gonna be making you move the skeleton. And you know that when I put music, I have no time to go... I will do a hiatus to go see Deep Purple, this year are the group chosen by the Big Twin for the concert on Saturday. -Maximum, you better already! -

Of Convention TATTOOS 2008 CASTELLÓN

They already played 12 years ago in Vila- Real in the football field. 6/9/96 - No comments by date. .........
And it has nothing to do how is the field of the Madrigal now. Many were then, about 5000 can be?

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