martes, 23 de abril de 2013


When it is piercer or tattooist, professionally speaking, I think that first and foremost a job well done is what has to prevail.

In situations such as where they have lived in this week, in which there is less work than usual, as usually happens each year come the time of onset of the University, end of vacation, etc. I however, do something to get home the satisfaction of seeing a job well done.

My main objective is the added service that has received a client. Personal attention. At all times.

That takes time. Enough really. And on many occasions, the client does not want to interfere in the professional time if view him very busy serving other customers etc. but whenever they try they know that I'm going to give my personal attention in order to be able to solve what are concerned and therefore, they ask.

Thus precisely in days as of this current week, which reduces the work, customers who come, and not all tattoo or piercing, has the opportunity to strike up a conversation that with the crowded store, had failed. Complaints of other sites where Pierce or tattoo, thanks from clients that read have blogs and have left any doubt that they could have, interest in learning to change a piercing that they dare not touch, to see if they are doing well the cure, etc.

I ask for permission to be at the time of drilling your friend to, and be able to record a video of the moment. Personally not like out in the videos that make but I know that it is an important opportunity for them and they want it to remember and share with your friends. I did the same thing when I were drilled in the nipple by first time, only which was a feature of photos. That can see it all hung on the wall of the studio of Castellón.

Thanking all those who are showing real interest in the good do the piercing that you are healing.

If ever, you notice that I am not doing so far, please, not conceal it me. I want to continue to have interest in your piercing, respond the skin to cure, if you are a problem, etc. And both have been us that you have to put a piercing as if you've gone to somewhere else, that each one is free decide where it goes, feel free to ask any questions that you have. And if you see the crowded store, not your inquiry you leave for another day. It does not bother us that worry about your skin and the piercing that adorns it. -Professional in the matter, I know how important that is the added value of the personal treatment before, during and after of that come to our stores.

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