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Claudio was tattooing a few months with us, and was also in the
1St Convention of Castellón tattoos.
Has promised to come and see us.

It seems lie that already it one year has passed since the previous Convention here in Castellon! But it has been. 5-7 September, in the grounds of the Pergola in the Paseo Ribalta, we return to meter ink through a tube.

Those who you were, you could check the high level that there was, to be the first year that was held was a success, audience, participants and organization.

There is no doubt that this year, there are many more people tattooed, pierced, and wanting to do good works on the skin, will not miss the opportunity that arises.

You can enter the website of the organizers and see nationally and internationally, what tattoo artists will be tattooing. It is a time in the year, that better not overlook it. The tattoo will be they have a very high level, and most know only works to do FREE HAND - without calca, hands -

You do not planteéis if it will cost more or less price a tattoo done in the Convention. That is the least. It is important that you tattoo you a professional different from those who already know the city. I tell you from experience. If you see to a tattoo artist with a custom style, and many are those who do like you for what tattooed, later. Think of a well-done tattoo, well cured and protected time, never to review. It is a work of art, and not reviewed works of art once completed, the artist.

Steel and leather is also present with all its staff, together with Antonio, Mexican tattoo artist, without fixed study. It tends to be in Benidorm a month, in Germany one, and is a regular tattoo artist for one or two months a year on the study of Miami Ink.

We have made you a place in our booth, who will share it with Martin, resident tattooist in the study of Vila-Real.

The rest will be from here to there.

The study of Vila-Real it will have closed the day the Convention, from 5 to 7 September.

The study of Castellón we open at regularly scheduled time of summer.

Leave a comment if you want to know more, send us an e-mail or contact by phone to the study of Castellón

See you there

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