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Are you going to be the first weekend of August in IBIZA? Don't miss the 1er event dedicated to the world of tattoo. 1, 2 and 3 of August 2008

The organizers have long dedicated to get one of the best conventions at the international level, and there is no doubt that IBIZA is an incomparable. So take this opportunity to speak of The Leu Family Iron

City residence in the 1980s of a family dedicated to the world of tattoo that has impacted me most. The Leu´s Family. Photo by Filip and Titine is taken in Ibiza in 1994.
Do not overlook your website and history. Here told by an admirer of his, Henri, systems administrator that tattooed.

Nobody in the world of tattoo this unknown last name. Currently live some of its members in Lausanne - Switzerland - where to have your Tattoo Studio.

They are invited to tattoo conventions around the world. I had the opportunity to see any of its members in London, when I went to the Tattoo Convention in 2006. I don't remember seeing them the previous year.

They have lived with Japanese and Polynesian tattoo artists among others of the many cultures where the tattoo is part of society, learning of tribal culture and adopting it in its work.

Wear a tattoo of Filip Leu is an honor. The same say his wife, Titine. Other members, known as: The Leu Family Iron (Switzerland) are
• Félix Leu - father Filip and Ajja - The Leu Family Iron (Switzerland) who died in the year 2002, her last name marked the world of tattoo.
• And MARIA a.k.a. Loretta Leu - Leu The Family Iron, Switzerland
Tanina Munchkina - The Leu Family Iron (Switzerland) as well as Ajja Leu, who shape society
the art on the skin. Too bad that does not have any Spanish city included in his musical tour.
More photos and info of the web where I copied the photos.

In this web you can know each one as musicians and also his art.

From here take this opportunity to show my admiration for the knowledge of the family-Leu.

They know as few culture without fashion in it comes to tattoo.

At the moment I do not know if they will be present at this Convention.

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